Ordering Prepared Meal Delivery in DC | What to Know

With our society getting busier and busier, meal delivery kits are becoming more popular. And it’s easy to see why; fresh ingredients shipped right to your door to make a filling, healthy meal for your family? The concept fits perfectly with the busy lifestyle many Americans have. Washington DC is perhaps one of the busiest cities, so there are great meal delivery options available for this area!

  1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh delivers the perfect amount of ingredients for each recipe right to your doorstep. The nice thing about this option is that there is no commitment- you can skip or pause the delivery anytime you need to. HelloFresh offers three different plans; the classic plan, the veggie plan, and the family plan. You can also customize how many recipes you would like to receive for the week. This can vary anywhere between 2-4, depending on the plan. You can select your family size when you sign up, as well.

The plans start at $4.99 per serving and the service also includes free shipping. Recipes range from burgers to pork tenderloin to salad to chicken and zucchini. HelloFresh asks for your dietary preferences when you sign up so you can be sure to receive recipes based on your family’s tastes.


  1. Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct has a list of recipes on their website. You’re able to go in and select which recipe you would like and buy individually. The nice thing about this option is that they list what cooking equipment you will need, as well as if you will need any items out of your pantry. It also tells you how long a recipe will take you to make so you can select an option based on your time needs.

Meals vary greatly in this service to suit all tastes and cooking skill levels. Some are simple pasta dishes, they have a chicken with purple smashed potatoes meal, and steak options, as well. They cater to varying budgets, as well, and you can get meals anywhere from $9.99 a serving to $14.99 a serving.


  1. Plated

When you create your Plated profile, you select the number of people in your family and what you like (and don’t like) to eat. This meal service offers lots of variety, with 16 recipes a week for you to choose from, plus a couple of desser selections. You select a plan based on how many servings a night you want, and then you are also able to choose how many recipes you want to make each week which range from 2-4. Plans are either $9.95 or $11.95 per serving.

Plated offers quality meals such as pesto farfalle, seared pork chops, and grilled steak, to name a few. With a variety of options, you are bound to find delicious recipes for you and your family. Plated also prides themselves on flexibility, so you can change your delivery date or skip a meal if needed.

Best Local Moving Companies in Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Moving to a new neighborhood? Or settling down in a different state? Before you move, it is important that you hire the best local moving companies to make your move an easy one. All of these companies have the top ratings on Google and Yelp.

A-Anytime Movers

A-Anytime Movers has been in business for over 25 years and claims that they are the top choice in the area since 1989. This DC mover provides local and long-distance moving services at competitive rates. They also offer packing services, loading and unloading help, and truck rentals. Check out the company’s rave reviews on Google and Yelp.

Phone Number: 202-483-9109

Address: 2205 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

My Truck Buddy

Chris Jolma, the owner of My Truck Buddy, decided to start the business after he and his wife realized they needed more income. In 2007, Chris’ wife became pregnant, and she could not work anymore. Not only did they need more income, but Chris was bored with his two jobs and needed something else to do to occupy his time. He needed to find a new career, and that is when the company opened.

My Truck Buddy has received top ratings on Google and Yelp. The company provides local and long distance moving services and also helps customers with other moving to-dos like furniture disassembly.

The company does not have a physical address. The company relies on email and phone calls to operate their business.

Phone Number: 571-357-3505

Mic’s Moving Company

Mic’s Moving Company has been in business for over five years. Mic Went founded the company in June 2013. The company provides local and long distance moving services for businesses and residential customers. Mic’s Moving Company claims that they offer their services all hours of the day with the best hourly rates. The company has received excellent ratings on Google and Yelp.

Not only does Mic’s Moving Company provide local and interstate moving services, but they also provide packing services and loading and unloading help. Just like My Truck Buddy, the company does not have a physical address. The company relies on phone calls to operate their business.

Phone Number: 301-257-0111

Cheap Movers DC

This DC moving service works with local moving partners to help customers find the cheapest, low rates on professional movers in the greater DC area, including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Rockville, MD. If you’re looking for hourly rates on a local move or a flat rate long distance transport, Cheap Movers DC connects you with a company who can get the job done for less. Fill out the quote form online or give them a call to get an estimate! Also be sure to check out their blog for useful moving tips and local area things to do.

Phone Number: 202-774-9296

Address: 3509 Connecticut Avenue NW #10028, Washington, DC 20008

Bookstore Movers

Bookstore Movers was founded in 2005 by Matt Wixon. Matt started the company after working at a bookstore. Matt created Bookstore Movers with the goal of purchasing the bookstore that he used to work for in the future because he loved it so much.

The company provides local and cross-country moving services for commercial and residential properties. The company can also help you with packing, bins, and labor.

The company has high ratings on Google and Yelp. Bookstore Movers is open seven days a week with convenient hours.

Phone Number: 202-570-4697

Address: 5200 46th Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781


Final Words

If you are interested in hiring one of these moving companies, be sure to go to their website to get free estimates. You will no longer have to worry about dealing with stress during your move as these companies will do all the hard work for you.