It is less than 40 miles from Washington, DC to Baltimore, but if you are moving to Baltimore from the nation’s capital, there are many important things you should know before you do so. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. You Better Love Crabs

If you spend any amount of time with people from Baltimore, you should expect to eat lots of crabs, especially in the summer months. People like to steam the local blue crabs and cover them in local old bay seasoning, which they also put on just about every other type of food as well.

You better also get used to smashing crabs apart with a seafood mallet and do no even think of eating them with a fork. You will also find crabs served in cakes, soup, and even dips.

2. There Are Lots of Neighborhoods in the City

While Washington, D.C. has its share of neighborhoods, Baltimore has it beat by a mile. There are more than 200 neighborhoods in the city, and when you first move there, this can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, you can use this handy guide to help you make sense of all them.

3. The City Has Its Own George Washington Monument

Moving from Washington to Baltimore does not mean you that will not have a Washington Monument to gaze at. Baltimore has a Washington Monument, too. In fact, Baltimore’s Washington Monument is actually 25 years older than its more famous sibling. It is nearly 180 feet high as well and was designed by Robert Mills, who also designed the one in Washington. Every first Thursday in December the city holds a lighting ceremony there and a fireworks display, too.

4. There Are Many Free Festivals and Events in the City

You do not always have to spend money in Baltimore to have a good time. The city offers plenty of free festivals throughout the year. This includes Artscape, which is the largest free arts festival in the United States and features live concerts, exhibitions and street theater. The city also offers free musical performances and movies in the summer at locations throughout the area.

5.There is No Shortage of Public Markets

Baltimore has 6 public markets in the city. This includes the Lexington Market, which is the oldest continuously running market in the world, having begun operations is 1782 (before the Revolutionary War was over.) At these markets, you can find plenty of fresh locally produced food. You will also find great food vendors there as well.

6. You Will Have To Learn a New Accent and a New Vernacular

Many people in Baltimore speak with a strange accent, which transforms “Baltimore” to “Bawlmer” and “water” to “wooder.” There is also an entire local lingo that you will need to learn. Fortunately, the good people at the Baltimore Sun have provided this convenient online dictionary to help you if you become confused.

These are just some of the things you’ll want to know before moving to your new home in Charm City. As you prep for your relocation, don’t forget to hire movers in Baltimore, MD to handle the logistics! It’s worth it to hire professionals, so you can settle into your new place faster and start enjoying all that Baltimore offers.

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